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Success is not a coincidence, neither are the solutions we offer...

Likya Consulting offers unique and tailor-made solutions to the very specific needs of the schools,colleges and all the educational centers in Turkey.

Drawing upon our experience and know-how in the education sector, we bring a very personal touch to the educational centers and create branding strategy and awareness adding “soul” in accordance with the missions of the institutions. We create identity for the conveyance of the school values, strengths and objectives as we believe that the school is not comprised of the empty walls.

Briefly, we do not believe in the 'one size fits all' approach.

We understand you best...
Likya Consulting


Have you just established an educational center? Do you look for specific solutions to your already existing needs?

We support investors and entrepreneurs wishing to found colleges and schools at every stage of the establishment phase, from architectural projects to marketing and brand awareness campaigns.

Establishment Phase Services
  • Setting the goals, mission and vision
  • Strategic planning- Bringing together the dreams and resources
  • Financial planning & resource management
  • Logistics
  • Creating promotional strategies
  • Forming management strategies
  • Managerial trainings
  • Recruitment –Selection & Placement
  • Registration & Accreditation process

Services for the already existing schools and educational centers
  • Corporate training
  • Executive training
  • Training of trainers
  • Parents –student training
  • International exchange programs

Consultancy Services for the investors and entrepreneurs
  • Real estate consultancy for educational centers
  • Financial consultancy for educational centers
  • Architectural consultancy for educational centers
  • Training technologies solutions
Recruitment Process
  • Interviewing with the candidates & creating candidate pool
  • Reference check
  • Legal consultancy
  • Pricing
  • Contracting

Our Working Principles
  • We listen
  • We strive for excellence
  • We provide time- effective & cost- effective solutions
  • We attach importance to the details
  • We believe in transparency & encourage open conversations
  • We trust & would like to be trusted
  • We respect confidentiality & ethics
  • We take a highly collaborative approach with our clients
  • We ask questions to get to know you better
  • We conduct SWOT analysis
  • We create road map through strategic planning
LIKYA Consulting provides;
  • Detailed research about the organizational structure of the educational center
  • Job descriptions and identification of qualifications
  • Managerial trainings
  • Marketing and branding activities
  • Creating candidate pools


Success is not a coincidence, neither are the solutions we offer...

An education institution is not composed of empty walls.

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Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi Eğitim Vakfı
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